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Answering Machine

Hi - you've reached Carly King. Please leave your name, number and favourite type of ice cream, and I'll get back to you.

ooc: leave message for mun or Ysgarlad here

OOC: State of the Muses


So, it turns out this job is a little more intense than I thought...

I miss RP and I still love you all, but there's no way I can maintain the level of RP I entertained a year ago and I think we all realise that.

Therefore, I'm going to maintain a couple of active muses and set the rest to one side. That does not mean that they are retired - and I will be playing them upon request and noteworthy occasions (of which there is one on October 31st, I believe ;D).



Day 6: A stranger

Hallowe'en Knight,

You were a random hook-up on a dark night. You were meaningless sex in the middle of a rave and I know nothing about you apart from that you're a pretty good lay.

But I can't stop thinking about you. You're making my head spin.

I know you're not him. But, in some strange way, you are to me.

This isn't a very good Missed Connection, is it? Still, if you're also fixated and lost, reply to this message and maybe we can get past this.

Hallowe'en Witch

Day 3: My Parents

Dear Dragon Dad,

OMG, you are so embarrassing! You cannot talk about my pink fluffy dog slippers in front of RYAN! I am never speaking to you EVER AGAIN!

No love,

Carly Ysgarlad

Dear Shiny Dad,

Seriously, loosen up. I'm just going to college. You don't need to bug me with tech when you think I'm not looking. No scary witches or aliens are going to attack me and, if they do, I'm going to kick their asses with awesome magical power.

Quit worrying!

Lots of love,


Magic Dad!

Expect me in ten minutes. I may have turned Ryan into a frog.

- Carly

Fightin' Dad,

I know we don't get on all that well and you didn't really want a daughter. But I think you're really cool and I look up to you loads.

And if you die at thirty, like in the stupid legend, I will seriously kick your ass.

Love and fealty,


30 Day Letter Challenge

Will also include letters from merchddraig

Here's the challenge, each day for the next month, write a blog in letter form to the following people:

30 LettersCollapse )
Carly woke up with the maid banging on the door. She took the chair from under the handle, politely told the guy to get lost, and then poked her still-sleeping husband in the ribs.

"Oi, tiger! We're going to buy a house."

My little brothers


The Lust Whammy